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Wavex® Foam Wash Car Shampoo Concentrate 5Ltr pH Neutral, Extreme Suds Snow White Foam, Highly Effective on Dust and Grime



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Wavex® Foam Wash Car Shampoo Concentrate 5Ltr pH Neutral, Extreme Suds Snow White Foam, Highly Effective on Dust and Grime

(90 customer reviews)


In use with foam canon: add one part wavex foam wash car shampoo with nine parts of water in foam canon dispenser. however, dilution ratio can be adjusted to up or down (as per satisfaction)
For manual use: pour approx. 20 ml of wavex foam blaster in 2 ltrs of water. apply on wet vehicle with sponge or towel. wash the vehicle with water and dry with soft cloth
Produce thick clinging foam for deeper cleaning,super concentrated formula with pleasant PEACH FRUIT fragrance

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In use with foam canon: upload one section wavex foam wash automotive shampoo with 9 portions of water in foam canon dispenser. then again, dilution ratio will also be adjusted to up or down (as consistent with delight)
For guide use: pour approx. 20 ml of wavex foam blaster in 2 ltrs of water. follow on rainy car with sponge or towel. wash the car with water and dry with comfortable material
Produce thick clinging foam for deeper cleansing,tremendous focused system with delightful PEACH FRUIT perfume
For very best effects, use with wavex foam lance to be had on amazon.in
pH impartial, excessive suds snow white foam, extremely efficient on mud and dirt.to be had in 500ml, 1ltr, 5ltr and 20ltr %

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90 reviews for Wavex® Foam Wash Car Shampoo Concentrate 5Ltr pH Neutral, Extreme Suds Snow White Foam, Highly Effective on Dust and Grime

  1. abhaysinh

    Go for it.

    Nice product thick liquid used with resqtech pressure washer, it gives good shine but not as good as 3m . Foam generation is good but not as thick as shown in video but foam removes the dirt and spots. I didn’t even use my hands to clean the dirt. Overall good worth buying. I am also doubtful about the 5ltr quantity.

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  2. Murali

    One Star

    Good Product, I LOVE IT. GUYS GO FOR IT.

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  3. Revzz Rider

    Makes Perfect Foam | Value for Money

    Let my write in points1, foam : It makes perfect foam even with lean mixture I have mixed shampoo & water in 1:10 despite that you can see results in picture.2, Fragrance : Perfect Fragrance it is not very strong not very weak, perfect balanced…3, Performance : Keeps vehicle shiny & smooth..4, Value : For 5L pack it is definitely value for money

  4. vishal

    Awesome product..!!

    Didn’t expect that it can produce so much foam. It can produce foam even with inexpensive containers. Small amount of liquid is enough to wash the car.

  5. inderpreet

    awesome result

    just awesome

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  6. Amazon Customer

    Product result very good

    Product is very good result of foaming much better than other’s .

  7. umesh swami

    Good product

    Good shine in your car


    Good product.

    Just a foam blaster.

  9. harsh

    Best foam shampoo

    Best foam wash i use many shampoo but this product are Amazing thenkyu wavex yes but u need good foam canon like mjjc then this product will give u best results

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  10. Arun kp

    Standard Quality

    Quality is Good

  11. Usha

    Best for Foam wash, touchless shampoo, value for money

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     Completely Touchless Shampoo. Best Quality, Thick and quality foam. One must buy this without giving a second thought.

  12. Amazon Customer

    Not worth.

    The product is not good as described By the company. Donot buy. The package when deliver ed was also damaged

  13. Mriganka Buragohain

    Excellent Product

    I have been using this product since last 6 months and i really have to say that the product quality is nice. It gives extra shine to your car as compared to other foam shampoos.

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  14. Sarang Pai Vaidya

    Very good foam wash liquid for the price!

    Very good product. Produces very thick foam with great scent. Regular dirt can be removed without touching the vehicle, just with the foam(9:1) and pressure wash. Value for money product. I am using some other waveX products as well such as tyre shine, leather and dashboard conditioner and all products seems to give u bese bang for your buck.

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  15. Vincent Fernandes

    Two Stars

    Not satisfied with this product


    Good product

    Good product

  17. Mohit Rawat

    good product

    thick foam and good cleaning… go for it..

  18. Chakra

    Cleans well and gives a glossy finish

    Doesn’t generate thick foam, but cleans well and gives a glossy look after the wash. Maybe I should try more concentrated mixture next time.

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  19. Graffiti

    Perfect Car Shampoo who are interested in DIY

    It is perfect for your car paint as it does not leave white marks & apply very thin wax coat to too. The wax coat is very evident during monsoon as the water on body/glass stays as droplet.

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  20. Sandip K.

    Good in Use.

    1.Foam Quality based on Pressure release by Machine.2.After Wash Shine is Good.3.Less Quantity use for washing.

  21. Manish Agarwal

    Four Stars


  22. Ramchandra kumar

    not making the foam as per expectations

    I had used the wavex foam blaster shampoo before and I was quite satisfied but now I am using the same but results has been changed,this time I found that faom is not making as compare as before.

  23. Amazon Customer


    Good car wash foam

  24. Sourabh R.

    Somehow satisfied

    It will only give you satisfaction if you will use foam lance…otherwise normal result.

  25. Thabirbagh

    please do not buy

    This product is very dangerous for your car..i bought it and trying to wash but within 2 minutes the door glass and dash board glass got white spot and tried many ways to remove even i called them but they ignored me..Please do not buy.. it is so painful…

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  26. Prakash Patil

    Good quality thick shampoo

    Thick shampoo with good quality

  27. Devesh shukla



  28. Nishant Bhat



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  29. Alpha69

    NOT PREMIUM BUT WORKS GOOD. heavy studds and smells nice.

    If you are searching for a commercial shampoo that makes good studds then go for it, and if you are not getting good foam then you might have to change up some of your parts of your foam lance.About the product it’s good but it costs a little more than daily shampoo you use for your car washing.Works really well easy to use.We have lots and lots of car wash shampoos and this one is MADE IN INDIA it has same chemicals which a branded shampoo has and it is pocket friendly if you are using for your domestic purpose.And it smells nice.

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  30. Kuldeep singh


    Good product for use

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  31. Jk

    Good but can be bettered.

    It is good in the sense it makes a very good foam spray. But I wish it makes a little more less sticky foam. I felt I need more time and effort plus water to clean the foam. The chemical combination can be altered for less sticky foam for domestic purpose.

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  32. Amazon Customer

    Value of money

    Good product

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  33. Faheem R.

    Heavy amount of snow

    The thickness of foam is very good.

  34. Zoyev


    Good product. Little bit costlier.

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  35. Barnel

    It takes very less time to wash the car with this shampoo using Bosch aquatak

    What I like about the product is that I don’t have to put much effort to wash my car

  36. rudresh

    Good product

    Good product

  37. SUJAI RK

    Good product, expected outcomes..

    Nothing to dislike

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  38. Apoorv


    mrp is way too different

  39. biplob ghosh



  40. Ashok

    No foam as claimed.

    Does not generate foam as claimed here. It works like diluted version of the normal shampoo. I have used in foam lance on the pressure washer. I even tried to increase the mix of shampoo. Same results. I was pretty disappointed with wavex off late as most of the product seems to disappoint with dismal performance. I had earlier purchased shampoo +wax.. Same issue. Ni where near 3M kind of performance.

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  41. balaji

    Worth every penny! BETTER THAN 3M

    I was using 3m car shampoo for a year and it would attract dust very soon , like static electricity as soon as i wash the car. if i used to take my hand close to the car my hair would get attracted by static electricity. so was dust. i had to keep cleaning my car every week to keep the dust off. and i bought this foam and its been more than a month , the car doesnt attract dust and only needs dusting with cloth. 3M is doing some real nasty job to keep cutomers using their products too soon to buy them again and again.coming to the quality of the wash the foam is VERY THICK. make sure you use a good quality foam lane and pressure washer. some people complain it leaving spots. this is VERY concentrated foam. DILUTE IT IN THE RATIO 1:10. anything less it will make thick foam and leave back spots. the CLEAN IS AMAZING. THE CAR COMES OUT SQUEAKY CLEAN WITHOUT WATER SPOTS. make sure you rub off the water with microfiber cloth.ITS ABSOLUTE VALUE FOR MONEY , GIVES GREAT WASH, WILL LAST LONGER THAN 2 YEARS FOR 1 CARMOST IMPORTANTLY IT DOESNT ATTRACT DUST LIKE 3M DOES.

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  42. Mohammad Mudasir

    See the picture

    Great foam

  43. Aditya31

    Keeps my car shining like new

    Very good cleaning agent. It feels buttery smooth and produces a lot of foam. The scent is very calm and smooth. Value for money and keeps shining my car like new.

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  44. pritam

    Not generated foam as per claim company

    Not generated foam as per claim company

  45. Kiran Sanjay Pawar


    Good quality product.

  46. Ajith Vaibhav

    Nice product

    Nice foam but not as thick as mentioned and it makes the car looks polished.. 👌

  47. Bi-a.Pautu


    Good product..packing also good,fast delivery..thanks Amazon..muah muah 😊😊😊😊😊

  48. Satish R


    Awesome one … Leaves shine for few days

  49. Subir Agarwal

    Extra thick foaming

    Very thick foam makes easier to clean the car in short amount of time

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  50. yogesh kumar

    Thick foam

    This shampoo is create good amount of foam clean all dirt and smell is also nice…150ml shampoo add 850ml water in 1litre bottle. Is great result for thick foam…

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  51. Shadab

    Very nice product

    After using it almost a month now i can surely say that is a very nice product. Cleans the car & keeps it shiny.


    Three Stars

    iT IS OK. FINE

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  53. Dibakar chetry

    Wow product

    Wow product

  54. Lohar Hamid Harun

    It is very good from, but the user gets too much in the gun.

    ખૂબ ખૂબ

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  55. Solomon Lalmuanpuia

    Useless product

    The worse product i have ever bought. It doesn’t make a foam, no bubbles. I recommend that you never ever sell this type of product..

  56. Majid Kurukkan

    Good from kerala

  57. Sikkanthar

    Wast of cost to buy this in online shopping

    Not making thick foam .. wast of cost .. in youtube reviews the foam is much thicker but in realtime when we buy it .. they sale duplicate product don’t buy it in online

  58. Napoleon


    Nice foam

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  59. Shree sathya

    Not working as shown (WITH MY MACHINE)

    I am using this with the Karcher car washer. Does not produce foam as shown. Just works like any other car washing shampoo. Maybe I need to try with any other car washer with foam gun? I don’t know.Cleans well. So not thumbs down as yet.

    One person found this helpful

  60. Minzaar Hasan

    Abe foam kahan hai.

    There is no such foam as seen in youtube ads. Or as shown in pics by seller. But this is best you can get in1500 for 5 ltrs.

  61. BB

    Good product


  62. Sourav ghosh

    Good product

    Good product at low prices

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  63. Anonymous

    Not a touch less wash

    Can the seller and manufacturer plz tell in what way is this a touch less wash and what is your definition of touch less wash and look at the pics and u will see a touch less wash , very disappointed and a normal shampoo with hand wash gives far more superb finish than this so called touch less wash . Stop fooling with words and remove that touch less description from ur label I wasted so much of time thinking it’s a touch less wash after washing the vehicles and also it ruined my vintage bike by staining that blue stains

  64. Radiance


    Nice tick foam with good cleaning, highly recommend

    One person found this helpful

  65. Francis Menezes


    Good product

    One person found this helpful

  66. Samarth Maradia

    Perfect for Car pressure washing

    I bought this for my pressure washer use.Good and thick Suds.

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  67. Kiran Kumar manne



  68. Shanam raju

    Poor quality

    Poor quality

  69. Denis

    Good quality

    Good quality

  70. Chandrashekhar Phalke


    Excellent product, after purchase of bulk there is no discount.

    One person found this helpful

  71. Bhimarav narayanarav

    Four Stars

    Its good

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  72. Varun

    It provide what it says

    Value for money

  73. Ashok

    Exceptional product.

    Super thick foam.

  74. Jackson

    Three Stars

    its ok

  75. K mohan

    Best foam for ever

    clean & shine, foam Blaster

  76. Shibu SG

    Slo delivay

    Pakig broken arriving Monday wnesday delivery

  77. awm v.

    Good enought for business, car servicing


  78. gaurav y.

    Quantity is good.

    Quantity is good in price. But really dry ups the paint work. Cleans dirt, makes form but doesn’t leave very smooth finish like 3m and other shampoos though i know that 3M is expensive as compared to this. Hence overall for price is worth it.

  79. Topu Taba

    Actually not value for money

    It was pretty good I put the expectation I thought the phone will be like snow but but it’s like a normal division or shampoo it’s good to use

  80. Budhadev

    Foam fun

    If you want real foam,go for this product

  81. Raja

    Less foam

    Useless , very less foam

  82. sukhwinder

    Good as compared to other


  83. Sanjay pipada

    Good produtct

    Valu for mony

  84. Shiwangi Saraswat

    A great product to buy, if you are looking for foam shampoos.

    One of the best product from wavex. I ordered 4 different foam shampoos of different companies,this one turned out to be best.

  85. Babu Chintalapudi

    Car shampoo

    It’s a concentrated car shampoo, not a touchless cleaning solution. We need to clean the vehicle surface once applied.

  86. Ashwin.S

    Best for foam wash

    its best for foam washIt”s worth for money

  87. Parvathy

    Perfect to use with a pressure washer! Good foam, nice smell and cleans well.

    I had been looking to get a car shampoo which gives thick foam like the snow foam in professional car wash places. Despite using many brands, I couldn’t achieve that consistency. That’s when I read reviews and purchased Wavex shampoo. Used along with a Bosch AQT 35-12, this gave amazing quantity of thick foam. The smell too was very pleasant. With one bottle of 700ml (1:8 dilution), I could easily wash 2 cars (1 Octavia and 1 Vento) and still have liquid left!Post wash shine is as good as a Meguiars or an AllArmour Car Shampoo. Thumbs up!

    9 people found this helpful

  88. yashwant kumar

    Excellent foam.

    Use with foam Canon

  89. Sivaraman Marappan

    Not bad

    Not bad

  90. Manish



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