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WaveX Colour Foam Car Shampoo 1ltr | Produces Thick Blue Colour Foam



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WaveX Colour Foam Car Shampoo 1ltr | Produces Thick Blue Colour Foam


Coloured foam shampoo from WaveX Auto Care for cleaning bikes and cars
Available in blue, yellow and pink colour foaming variants.
Cleans and shines vehicles. Effortlessly removes dirt, grime and stains.

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We all agree on the truth that car wash may every so often look like an boring chore. Positive, it is usually a little a laugh when you find yourself the usage of a foam cannon however that ‘a laugh’ too is brief-lived once you get started cleansing your car’s floor the usage of a wash mitt, washing sponge or a microfiber material.

What if we let you know that WaveX has get a hold of an answer that makes your weekly car washing attention-grabbing? Are you brooding about what it’s?

WaveX introduces its vary of colored foam shampoos which are To be had in 300ml, 1 ltr and 5 ltr versions. You currently get to successfully blank your automobiles at the same time as generating orange, blue, yellow, inexperienced and purple Colored foams the usage of a foam cannon while instantly the usage of the To be had Colored versions or blending them in combination to provide colors of your personal selection.

What’s superb in regards to the WaveX Colored Foaming Shampoo’s is the truth that they successfully loosen mud, grime and dirt off of the outside surfaces and elements of the car similar to on windshields, tyres, rims, head/ tail lighting fixtures, aspect view mirrors and so on.

Once you’ve wiped clean your car’s floor the usage of our Colored foaming shampoo, you are going to have a particularly blank car with a powerful good shine and an excessively captivating perfume that may additional enhance the atmosphere of your car in conjunction with its glance.

Anyone can use the WaveX Colored Foaming Shampoo. All you want to do is upload 100ml of this shampoo to a foam cannon and fill it with900 ml water i.e, a 1:nine ratio and generously use it on your car’s external. Go away it onto the outside of your car and make allowance it to seep down your car’s floor. This may increasingly permit it to take down grime, mud or filth that is available in its trail in conjunction with it. Later, totally rinse off the car’s floor the usage of a top-drive washing machine. Use a WaveX Microfiber material to dry your car’s floor.

Colored foam shampoo from WaveX Vehicle Maintain cleansing motorcycles and automobiles
To be had in blue, yellow and purple color foaming versions.
Cleans and shines automobiles. Easily gets rid of grime, filth and stains.
A top foaming car wash shampoo that may be ‘foam cannon’ appropriate. Produces thick foam.
Make your foam wash a ‘a laugh wash’ via growing new foam colors at the same time as blending shampoo answers in combination.
Non-caustic shampoo formulation. Does now not burn or corrode the car’s external surfaces.
Protected on all paintwork, wheels, plastics and different external car surfaces.
Will increase touch time way to its thick ‘clingy’ foam. Guarantees efficient and deep cleansing.
Won’t put off waxes, polishes or sealants from external car surfaces.
To be had in 350ml, 1 ltr and 5 ltr % sizes.

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