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Q4 easy drive 100gms front
  1. Q4 easy drive 100gms front

Q4 Car Care Easy Drive – Best Water Spot Remover for Glass

  • Ease Of Use
  • Valu For Money
  • Performance
  • Cutomer Satisfaction
5/5Overall Score

In our thorough testing we found that this product is best water spot remover for glass, and performing outstanding. Better than any other costly Glass hard water spot removers available in the market. I have made a video about the product and you can clearly see how surprisingly this product is cleaning and removing Heavy Hard water spots which I failed to get rid of by using any other hard water spot removers. 

  • Size: 100Gms - 500Gms
  • Easy to Use
  • Availabilty
  • Fast & Easy Application Method
  • Can be used on Multiple Surfaces
  • Valu For Money
  • Made in India Product
  • Can't Use On Headlights
  • Can't Use on Painted Surfaces
  • Need to be Cautious When Applying on Tinted Glass (Chances of Scratchess on Tint)

Q4 Car Care Easy Drive Glass Hard Water Spot Remover Voted as the Best Water Spot Remover for Glass by over hundreds of customers. As I can say this is my honest review about this product and not a paid or sponsored one. I have recommended this to viewers in my YouTube Channel ( https://www.youtube.com/Grandeurrides ) and Sold over 500 Pieces Currently. Every Viewer who purchased and used the product is 100% Satisfied and they left Positive Comments in the Comments section as they found this as Best Water Spot Remover for Glass . You can find the product review video done by me under this post.

Now here about the pros and cons.


  1. Multi-Surface Application – This product can be applied on both Glass and Chrome elements of any vehicle. Glass Means any Glass Surfaces Including Windshields, Windows, Mirrors, etc. 
  2. Easy to use – This product can be used or applied Very easily even a Beginner Who Doesn’t know anything about car polishing or cleaning can use this product with ease. only a Cotton or Microfiber Towel and a Glass Cleaning Liquid are needed to Go.
  3. Availability – This product is easily available on Amazon. and also available to buy from retail outlets throughout India.
  4. Fast And Easy Application Method – As I said above it is very easy to use, it only takes 1-2hrs Maximum to complete the whole work. (Main Windshields, Windows, Mirrors etc)
  5. Value For Money – When Comes to Value/Price This thing is worth the money we spend on it. It only costs Rs.280/- for a 100gms bottle that will be adequate for any single small or medium-sized car. If you have a Large vehicle or multiple vehicles to work with you can go with the 500gms bottle.
  6. Made in India Product – This is one of the best products in my testing to remove hard water spots which are manufactured in India by a Brand Q4Ever Car Care.


  1. Can’t Use on Headlights – As this product contains Chemicals and abrasives that are not suitable for plastic surfaces this product can’t be used for cleaning Headlights.
  2. Can’t Use on Painted Surfaces – This product is not suitable for any type of painted surfaces because it contains chemicals and abrasives which will damage clear coats and paints.
  3. Need to be cautious for tinted Glass – I am Not recommending this product to use for tinted glass surfaces coz there is a chance of scratches on the tint.

Instructions to Use:

Stage 1:: Wash the surface with water and keep it – dry

Stage 2:: Shake well before use.

Stage 3:: Apply two or three minimal 4-5 drops of the Q4 Glass Polish onto the Microfiber Cloth.

Stage 4:: Rub well with adequate pressure using a microfiber cloth in a circular movement.

Stage 5:: Spray glass cleaner or unadulterated water on the cleaned surface and wipe completely with a microfiber fabric


Hard Water Spot Remover:

An impeccable glass clean that gives an ideal and astonishing sparkle, by eliminating the hard water stains from your vehicle’s glass surface and giving it an ideal transparent surfacing.

STAIN REMOVER Eliminates all the hard water stains successfully leaving the glass with a clean surface and expanding the optical clarity of the glass surface. This item is ideal for use on glass and chrome. We don’t suggest its utilization in vehicle paint surfaces.

Q4 EVER The Complete Car Care Solution -: Trusted to be your car care partner

Jannath Group of Companies is a leading company of Car Care Products. Established in the 1990s, the company has focused mainly on producing a wide range of cleaning products. Since 2011, we have started a new venture of manufacturing of car care products, which gained great recognition and demand in the market. Today Q4 Ever focuses mainly on products like car wash shampoos, car paint polish, silicone wax, Carnauba wax, hybrid sealants, upholstery cleaners, hard-water removers, car alloy-wheel metal polishes, dashboard polishes, tyre dressers, form pads, glass cleaners and microfiber cloth. We make all kinds of car care products etc

Q4 Ever concentrates on producing the best car care products with the best quality and reasonable rate making it affordable to customers all over India. Today Q4 Ever is a proud developer of the best car care products having over more than 67 suppliers, over an eight hundred clients and a million of Customers using our products. Our hard work has helped us achieve a good number of satisfied clients, and we look forward to serving and giving our best, to building a community who would love to use Q4 Ever car care products.

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