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Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions
TurtleWax Graphene Paste

Ceramic+ Graphene
Paste Wax

Advanced graphene formula creates the most powerful shield against scratches, swirls, and color fading • Super-hydrophobic ceramic polymers allow rain to roll right off your car • Super smooth glide-and-wipe application for effortless, brilliant shine

Renew Your Faded/Oxidized Headlights

Clean Any Surface. From Interior to Engine bay, You Only need One

Ultra-premium spray wax protects and shines wet and dry surfaces

Exterior Detailing

First Step ( Washing )

Select Products, Tools & Equipment from the below categories and start washing your Vehicle First.

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Best in Class Paint Protection Coatings

Buy Ceramic coatings at the best price. You can Select from a wide range of products which have a hardness of 7H,9H & 10H

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Vehicle Detailing Products Sale
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Graphene Coating: The Future of Car Paint Protection

As car enthusiasts, we all want our cars to look their best at all times. From regular washing to waxing, we take all measures to keep our cars’ paintwork in pristine condition. But what if there was a better solution? Enter graphene coating, a revolutionary new way to protect your car’s paint. What is Graphene? Graphene is a single layer of carbon atoms arranged in a honeycomb structure. It is incredibly strong and lightweight and has numerous potential applications, including electronics, energy storage, and even medicine. Its strength comes from the fact that it is 200 times stronger than steel,

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Car detailing - Worker with orbital polisher in auto repair shop

How to Do Car Polishing? New Beginner’s Guide:

Car Polishing Tutorial for Beginners Machine polishing your car for the first time could be a scary, daunting experience. This blog aims to give you a fast, simple, easy-to-follow method That’s not going to break the bank and get you very good results on your car, particularly if you’re doing this for the first time. So, let’s get stuck into what car polishing is all about. There are 4 main steps to this process. The first one is simply Washing your car. I have done a full video on a safe wash process that you can watch here. If you’re interested

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what is car detailing


CAR DETAILING Car Detailing Or Vehicle Detailing is the process of Restoring a vehicle to Brand new condition. Vehicle Detailing is a long process that includes cleaning and reconditioning both inside and outside of the vehicle. The point of this is to restore the quality of the paintwork by eliminating paint imperfections like scratches, swirl marks, oxidations, and so forth to make the vehicle look fresh Show Room Condition. Many wrongly comprehended that auto detailing is about Ceramic Coating. Truth be told, the ceramic covering is only a choice in the phase of the vehicle Detailing process. Car Detailing is

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Everything You Need To Know About Nano Ceramic Coatings


CERAMIC COATINGS Ceramic Coatings are manufactured synthetic based item made of a Silica or a Quartz-Silane-based compound. They are viewed as long-lasting coatings since they can’t be taken out except if you eliminate them by compounding/cleaning or you intentionally disregard them. True Ceramic coatings are long haul outside auto paint protectant that is applied in fluid structure and fixes to shape a hard glass-like layer on top of the paint. They make a strong straightforward, smooth and exceptionally self-cleaning defensive layer once cured. Nano coatings are sealants with better science in this manner they structure more grounded bonds at the

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